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Public reports

Green, A., & Weaven, S. (2021). Australian Silo Art and Wellbeing. August 2021. Griffith Business School, Griffith University.

Journal articles

Carlini, J., Thomson, A., O'Neil, A., & Green, A. (2022) Understanding the interplay between event communications and local business decision-making using signalling theory: The case of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. European Sport Management Quarterly, Advance online publication. 

Green, A. (2020). Australian silo art: Creative placemaking in regional communities. Journal of Place Management and Development, 14(2), 239-255.

Green, A., & Gray, S. (2020). Unfurling the cultural value of street art experiences. Arts and the Market, 10(2), 65-82.

Green, A., Grace, D., & Perkins, H. (2018). City elements propelling city brand meaning-making processes: Urban reminders, the arts, and residential behavior. Marketing Theory, 18(3), 349-369.

Green, A., Grace, D., & Perkins, H. (2016). City branding research and practice: An integrative review. Journal of Brand Management, 23(3), 252–272.

Conference papers and presentations

Green, A. (2019). Australian silo art: Muralism and creative placemaking in rural and regional Australian communities. Presentation at the 5th Institute of Place Management International Biennial Conference, University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia.

Green, A. (2016). Map-drawing in qualitative interviews: Opportunities and challenges. Paper presented at the Twelfth International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, United States.

Green, A., Miller, D., & Perkins, H. (2013). Developing the principles of niche luxury fashion brand experiences. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

Feature media articles 

I am writing and curating a series of artist interviews for Blank Street Press entitled 'When the Walls Talk'. I developed this series to help build engagement with street and mural artists amongst the local community through sharing the stories of the 'people behind the paint'. Click below to view online versions of the first three articles. The interviews also appear in corresponding bi-monthly print editions of the magazine.


Media interviews

Interview with the The Australian Silo Art Trail about my Australian silo art research 

(August, 2019)

Interview with The Place Brand Observer about my 2016 article in the Journal of Brand Management (May, 2016) 

Special interest columns

The Place Brand Observer, December 2016

Differentiating the Place Brand: Insights from the Revived Gold Coast (Australia) City Brand Story

Place brands can be thought of, in a very broad sense, as a story simultaneously co-authored by a range of individuals and groups. 

The Place Brand Observer, November 2016

Public-Private Space: How Cafés Could Inspire Place Branding

How cafés dancing the divide between private and public space could inspire place branding in Australia and beyond.

The Place Brand Observer, October 2016

The Value of Fluid and Dense Place Brandscapes

How can fluid and dense place brandscapes support city brand co-creation?

The Place Brand Observer, September 2016

Placemaking Week 2016: Could Place Branding Make Places Happy?

Fresh from Placemaking Week 2016, I examine the opportunities of public spaces, happy cities and active transportation for place branding.

The Place Brand Observer, August 2016

Graffiti, Place Brand Authenticity and Creative Placemaking

Is commissioning graffiti authentic? How can it support city brands?

The Place Brand Observer, July 2016

City Branding: To Flag or Not to Flag?

What makes city flags really worth talking about from a place branding perspective? 

Book chapters 

Merrilees, B., Miller, D., & Green, A. (2015). The role of green events in a green economy. In V. R. Maharaj & K. Wilkes (Eds.), Tourism in the Green Economy (pp. 255–268). London, UK: Routledge.

Invited presentations

Green, A. (2018). Branding dimensions of street art as creative placemaking. Invited (remote) presentation for Street Studies International Creative Placemaking Network Launch, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Green, A. (2019). Silo art and ‘rural murals’ in Australia. Presentation at ‘Murals, Community, Place’ event, Meeting of Styles International Street Art and Graffiti Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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