Street Studies' International Research Hub 

Street Studies is a NFP social enterprise based in Denmark.

I lead Street Studies' International Research Hub.

This informal and passion-based network facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration between researchers, practitioners (including artists, of course!) and policymakers involved or interested in the following three interrelated themes:


3 core interrelated themes and examples of surrounding disciplines / fields of study and practice.

Main support functions:

  • Interdisciplinary knowledge sharing

  • International collaboration opportunities

  • Sparring on research grants

  • Unique communication platforms 

  • Access to exclusive data sources 

Current members include:

  • Dr Laura Ripoll Gonzalez (Community, Events, Place Development, University of Tasmania)

  • Dr Ricardo Lopez (Architecture, Urban Studies & Creative Culture, University of Lisboa)

  • Dr Zareen Thomas (Sociocultural Anthropology, University of Connecticut)  

  • Dr Helen Perkins (Place, Social + Environmental Psychology & Marketing, Griffith University) 


The Hub hosts several events per year. Our flagship event takes place late July during the Copenhagen edition of Meeting of Styles (the world's largest graffiti and street art festival), which Street Studies organise. 


Speakers and topics this year included:

* Dr Ricardo Lopes and Professor Pedro Costa (University of Lisboa, Portugal) talking about the recent institutionalisation of urban art in Lisbon and evolution of graffiti and murals in the old industrial city of Barreiro.

* Cynthia Nikitin (Senior Vice President, Project for Public Spaces, New York City) talking about creative placemaking as an integrative approach to urban planning and community building that stimulates local economies and leads to increased innovation, cultural diversity and civic engagement.


The Place Brand Observer 

While completing my PhD, I served as a Student Observer for The Place Brand Observer, an online think-blog and portal for place branding practitioners and academics. Similar to a columnist, I contributed one piece a month combining my thoughts, opinions, insights relating to place brands and branding. 


Differentiating the Place Brand: Insights from the Revived Gold Coast (Australia) City Brand Story

Place brands can be thought of, in a very broad sense, as a story simultaneously co-authored by a range of individuals and groups. 


Public-Private Space: How Cafés Could Inspire Place Branding

How cafés dancing the divide between private and public space could inspire place branding in Australia and beyond.


The Value of Fluid and Dense Place Brandscapes

How can fluid and dense place brandscapes support city brand co-creation?

MAY 2016

Research Insight: A Short History of City Branding Research and Practice

I was previously invited to share my reflections on a recent co-authored Journal of Brand Management publication with The Place Brand Observer


Placemaking Week 2016: Could Place Branding Make Places Happy?

Fresh from Placemaking Week 2016, I examine the opportunities of public spaces, happy cities and active transportation for place branding.


Graffiti, Place Brand Authenticity and Creative Placemaking

Is commissioning graffiti authentic? How can it support city brands?

JULY 2016

City Branding: To Flag or Not to Flag?

What makes city flags really worth talking about from a place branding perspective? 

Association Membership 

International Place Branding Association 

Consumer Culture Theory Consortium 

Art Association of Australia and New Zealand

Institute of Place Management (Associate)