Dr Amelia Green

My research engages with the processes of and intersections between place, art, everyday life and brands.


In the place branding field, my research explores the socio-cultural dimensions of place brands, particularly the roles of art and other forms of symbolic communication within bottom-up place branding processes.

My present research focuses on the multi-faceted (e.g. social, cultural, economic) value of street art (including graffiti, murals etc.). I am currently investigating the value silo art and other rural murals to local communities, towns and economies throughout rural and regional Australia.


I believe that interdisciplinary research can facilitate social change and more inclusive, genuinely connected and sustainable futures. 


Brisbane Street Art Festival 
Throughout 2020 (adjusted program to
accomodate COVID-19 restrictions)
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Public space in Camden, United Kingdom (2014)


Kaff-eine in Rosebery
Adnate in Sheep Hills
Rone in Lascelles
ABOVE: 'Silo Art Trail' in north west Victoria (curated by Juddy Roller) - Images Karen Simpson (2019)

I am currently investigating the multi-faceted (e.g. social, cultural, economic) value of Australian silo art.  

Continuing this research on larger scales is important to help facilitate the capacity of silo art to empower local communities, activate places and support the vitality and sustainability of regional Australian towns across the country for years to come. 

I have presented my earlier research into Australian silo art at international events in Copenhagen, Denmark (2019, Murals, Community, Place for Urban Professionals), and Adelaide, Australia (2019, Institute of Place Management Conference). 


I am conducting this research in collaboration with local groups and organisations

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about collaborating


Brightsiders in Yelarbon
The Zookeeper and Drapl in Monto 
The Zookeeper and Drapl in Thallon 
The Zookeeper and Drapl in Monto 
The Zookeeper and Drapl in Monto 
The Zookeeper and Drapl in Monto 
ABOVE: Queensland silo art and murals - Images Alana Beutel (2020)

Branding and Consumer Research Network

Griffith University

Griffith University's Branding and Consumer Research Network is a group of international branding/consumer research experts who aim to be part of the forefront of research and education within this domain. Key research areas include alternative perspectives on brands as social objects, contemporary issues in brand strategy and place branding. 

International Research Hub

Street Studies 

Street Studies is a NFP social enterprise based in Denmark. I lead Street Studies' International Research Hub. This informal and passion-based network facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration between researchers, practitioners (including artists, of course!) and policymakers involved or interested in: 

  • Murals, street art, graffiti & other creative forms

  • Community 

  • Place