I Research And Write About Art, Place and 

Everyday Life

Dr Amelia Green researches and writes about Australian silo art, street art, murals and graffiti.

Her work engages with the processes of and intersections between these art forms, place and everyday life. 


Amelia's current major project investigates how local communities and tourists experience Australian silo art, and the impact of these experiences on wellbeing.


She is passionate about demonstrating the multi-faceted (cultural, social, symbolic, economic etc.) value of street art, murals, and graffiti as meaningful contemporary forms of public and visual art. 

Art researcher and writer

Specialising in: 

  • Writing

  • Social research

  • Academic publishing

  • Conversation shaping

  • Audience development 

  • Art-based research methods

  • Qualitative research methods

  • Different perspectives on place

  • The social construction of phenomena 

  • Knowledge solutions for arts organisations

  • Methods for storytelling and story-listening

  • Research software e.g. LimeSurvey, NVivo

  • Community engagement evidence and data

  • Evidencing the impact of art and arts projects

Adjunct Research Fellow 

Department of Marketing, Griffth University 

Gold Coast campus, Australia

International Research Network

Denmark based NGO - Street Studies

Garnisonen 38, Ringsted, Denmark


Silo art in Brim, by Guido van Helten - Image Karen Simpson (2019) 
Public space in Camden, United Kingdom (2014)

Association Membership 

International Place Branding Association 

Consumer Culture Theory Consortium 

Art Association of Australia and New Zealand

Institute of Place Management (Associate)