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Understanding and improving the everyday lives of local communities

Dr Amelia Green is passionate about understanding and improving the everyday lives of local communities.

I specialise in innovative and rigorous data collection methods, data management, analytical processes, research software and other knowledge solutions to support best practice community engagement, evidence-based strategies, decision-making and policy.

I completed a PhD in place branding at Griffith University in 2018. My academic research since completing my PhD focused on community, people, places and everyday life. I have published numerous journal articles covering topics such as creative placemaking, street art, public space and public events.

Between 2021 and 2022, I established and led a major project investigating the impact of Australian silo art on the wellbeing of local communities and visitors. 

Expertise in: 

  • Writing

  • Survey design

  • Social research

  • Communication

  • Place branding strategy

  • Empowering and facilitating

  • Analytical and critical thinking

  • Quantitative / statistical analysis 

  • Community engagement strategies

  • Individual and community wellbeing

  • Storytelling + Story-listening methods

  • Contemporary rural and regional tourism

  • Qualitative methods such as focus groups 

  • Research software e.g. LimeSurvey, NVivo

  • Community engagement evidence and data

  • Evidence-based decision making processes

  • Digital engagement platforms (e.g. Social Pinpoint)

Silo art in Brim, by Guido van Helten - Image Karen Simpson (2019) 


Public space in Camden, United Kingdom (2014)

Many small towns undertake silo art projects to attract visitors to forgotten places, create a lifeline for struggling local businesses and revive community pride. Public and media discussion often emphasise tourist attraction and immediate local business stimulation as the primary outcomes of these projects.

This report provides much needed empirical and critical investigation into the social and economic impacts of Australian silo art. Specifically, the aim of this research is to explore (1) how visitors and local communities experience silo art and (2) the impacts of silo art experiences of the wellbeing of visitors and communities.

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Brim Silo Art, Guido van Helten - Image Karen Simpson (2019)

Membership and Associations

IAP2 Australasia (International Association for Public Participation)

Art Association of Australia and New Zealand

International Place Branding Association

Institute of Place Management

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